Parish History

June 16, 1962
The Leonardo DiGiandomenico family donates land to Diocese of Columbus for a new Catholic parish, St. Leonard.

August 22, 1964
Father Edwin McNulty appointed first pastor. He served in this capacity until 1970.

April 10, 1964
Construction started on first church.

November 22, 1964
First Mass celebrated in new church.

June 14, 1970
Father Charles Sala, P.I.M.E., became pastor. He served the parish in this capacity until 1981.

July 14, 1981
Father David Petry became the new pastor. He remained until his transfer in 1983.

February 15, 1983
Father Harry Schneider was named administrator of the parish. He was named pastor on July 12, 1983 and remained until 1998.

January 22, 1989
New church and religious education classrooms dedicated.

July 14, 1998

Father Michael Reis became pastor in July of 1998 and remained until July 2013. Father Jack Maynard became associate pastor. Maynard remained until his new assignment in 2001.

June 2003~ 2015

Fr. Ronald Boccali., PIME (retired).  Fr. Boccali was a Priest in Residence from 2003-2015.  He still lives in the area.

June 2005

Deacon Larry J. Wilson comes to St. Leonard in June 0f 2005.

Summer of 2010:  Church Interior is renovated.  It was completed in 2011.

July 2013

Father William Ferguson becomes pastor from July of 2013-July of 2014 when St. Leonard became a clustered parish with Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.

July 2014

Fr. William A. Hritsko becomes pastor of Saint Leonard and our sister parish, Our Lady of Mt. Carmel.



Saint Leonard Catholic Church